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Ecuador Churches by Province:
Ecuador Travel GuidePichincha I Guayas I Azuay

The Cathedral in CuencaLa Compañia church in QuitoLa Merced Church, GuayaquilSan Agustin Church, Quito San Francisco Church, QuitoSan Blas church, Cuenca
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Pichincha

In Quito

La Compañia.- It has rich décor and facades including a painting of Virgen Dolorosa framed in gold and emerald but as with other treasures it is stored in the Banco Central del Ecuador vaults and taken out only on special occasions or festivals under strict security supervision.

This Jesuit church is located on Calle Garcia Moreno, a block south of Plaza de la Independencia.

La Merced.- This church was constructed in the 17th century to symbolize and commemorate Pichincha's volcanic eruptions that had challenged the city and its occupants safety.

The style is Baroque. Adjacent to the Church is Quito's most ancient clock located inside a Monastery built in 1817.

The main altar of the Monastery has been elaborately carved in wood by Legarda.

The Basilica.-

This church has fine bronze doors and interesting gargoyles and is encased in colorful stained glass windows.

The views are excellent here from the tower, there is also a coffee place.
Originally construction began in 1926 but was only completed in 1999 due to lack of funding. It is located on Plaza de la Basílica (Calle Venezuela)

San Francisco.- This is Quito's largest Church and S. America's first religious retreat built by the Spaniards in 1553.

Here you'll find a wide variety of art treasures for example, the Virgen of Quito by Legarda showing the Virgin Mary with silver wings.
The paintings in the aisles are from Miguel de Santiago. He is most famous for the paintings of Saint Francis found in the Monastery of San Francisco. The ceiling has also been painstakingly carved and also possesses a magnificent high gold altar while many good wood carvings are also seen in the choir area. Viewed from outside the two towers were destroyed in the 1868 by an earthquake and have been rebuilt additions to the original architecture. Finally a small statue stands at the foot of the stairwell to the church portal depicting Fray Jodoco Ricke who sowed the first seeds of wheat in Ecuador, he was a Flemish Franciscan.

Cantuna Chapel.- This Chapel has interesting fine detailed sculptures and adjoins the San Francisco.

San Agustin.- This Monastery houses the burial grounds for many Ecuadorians heroes. Though renovation has been required due to past earth quakes the gilded altars and carved columns remain since it was built in the 16th century. There are very nice cloisters on three sides of the building and were the treaty of independence was signed from Spain in August 10, 1809. It was also the first university in Quito also formed in the 16th century and named Universidad de San Fulgencio. It also has a nice fountain cut from a single stone and many paintings worth viewing inside. It is located on Flores and Mejia.

San Blas.- On Guayaquil and 10 de Agosto.

La Concepcion.- Located on Mejía and García Moreno.

San Diego.- The collage paintings of this church are very original with fabric sewn onto the canvas of various figures. Located by the cemetery of San Diego, west of the Panecillo.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Guayas

In Guayaquil

Santo Domingo.- This is Guayaquil's first church and was founded in 1548 by the Dominicans but was burned and sacked in 1624 by pirates and again was reconstructed from wood to concrete in 1938. It is located on Rocafuerte and Juan Coronel next to the Las Peñas district.

The Cathedral.- The Cathedral was originally built in wooden formation in 1695 and survived many fires. It was rebuilt in 1822. Then in 1924. The present gothic style building was started and received its inauguration in the 1950s. This church is located in Chimborazo and Clemente Ballén opposite Parque Seminario.

La Merced.- Located on Manuel Rendón and Pedro Carbo. A beautiful church.

San Francisco.- Located on 9 de Octubre and Pedro Carbo, is another notable church that is woth visiting.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Azuay

In Cuenca

El Sagrario.- Known as the old Cathedral, built on former Inca structure foundations and footings. Some of these original blocks are still visible today. El Sagrario construction was begun in 1557 when modern Cuenca was founded. It is located on the main plaza, Parque Abdón Calderón.

Catedral de la Inmaculada.- Initially this structure was meant to be the largest Cathedral in South America but miscalculations by architects on the foundations, it was made much smaller because the architects feared it would collapse. The ambiance of colors reflected from the stained glass windows coupled with nice inner décor and gold altar make it a worthwhile visit. It also has a famous Virgin image (Crowned).

There are other churches in Cuenca which are worth visiting such as: San Francisco, San Blas, Santo Domingo and El Cenáculo.

El Turi church and mirador.- Has great views. El Turi gives full tiled panorama explaining what you are seeing. It is located south on Avenida Fray Vicente Solano past the football stadium. Next to the church is an orphanage also run by the Church.

El Carmen de la Asunción.- This 17th-century church has a flower market in the Plazoleta El Carmen and is close to La Inmaculada church.


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