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Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Fun | Shopping | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Esmeraldas

Esmeraldas is and has been for many years a major tobacco, cacao and gold mining based province. In addition, it also exports timbers and has an oil pipeline running through to the Balao sea terminal oil refinery that is piped all the way from the Oriente while further along the coast from the capital it has several shrimp farms and spread intermittently cattle farms and ranches.
The province is one of the poorest of the country and the city of Esmeraldas has frequent water shortage problems and is not an attractive place for tourists or travelers, although the surrounding areas of the province are worth exploring as the lands are rich in history and culture here.

La Tolita an early Ecuadorian culture sprang initially from Esmeraldas and some interesting ruins can be viewed in La Tolita island in the north. For a swift look back in time into Afro-Ecuadorian history the Museo del Banco Central, on Espejo between Colón and Olmedo, here you may see ceramic artifacts in all forms. The food is also good in this province with coconut extraction sources, juices, etc. Used in most local fish and meat dishes. The music is also worth viewing as it has an interesting mix of cultures in this style called Marimba, a unique combination of music and dance. Please do be aware that Malaria is prevalent here through infected mosquitos during rainy times so do avoid during the months of January and May the wet season, also always take mosquito spray even though most hotels provide suitable netting for night protection.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Accommodation

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed hotels, hostels, motels, resorts, or bed and breakfasts in Esmeraldas for either a high standing or affordable place to stay during a business trip or vacation. By filling in our online Hotel reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will be able to search for the best and most affordable accommodation rates. Save time and money and take advantage of immediate discounted hotel rates!.

Hotel Estuario.- Address: Ave. Libertad y Gran Colombia (corner). Tel. (06) 720-393 / 721-399 / 724-798.

Apart Hotel Casino.- Address: Libertad 407 and Ramón Tello. Tel. (06) 728700, Fax: 728704.


Hostal EI Cisne.- Address: 10 de Agosto e/ Olmedo y Colón. Tel. (06) 721-588 / 723-411.

Zulema 2.- Address: Malecón and Rocafuerte. Tel. (06) 726757.

Diana.- Address: Cañizares and Sucre. Tel. (06) 727923.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants

Several typical restaurants and bars along the beach selling fried fish, ceviches and patacones.

La Marimba Internacional.- Address: Libertad and Lavallen.

Chifa Restaurante Asiático.- Chinese. Address Cañizares and Bolivar.

Las Redes.- Seafood. Located at the main plaza.

Balcón del Pacífico.- Address: Bolivar and 10 de Agosto.

Los Alamos.- Address: 9 de Octubre, close to the plaza.

Budapest.- Address: Cañizares 214 and Bolivar.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Fun

El Guadal de Ña Mencha.- Peña & Marimba school. Address: 6 de Diciembre and Quito.

Bar Asia.- Bar. Address: Bolivar by Parque Central.

El Portón.- Disco-Peña. Address: Colón and Piedrahita.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Shopping

Más por Menos supermarket.- Imported goods.

Cayapa basket market.- Across from the Post Office

Tolita artefacts.- 3 doors down the Post Office.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport


To Guayaquil, 7 hours, leaving every hour, ticket value around US$5.50. To Bahía de Caráquez, vía Sto. Domingo, ticket value around US$6.80. To Portoviejo, ticket value around US$2.90. To Manta, ticket value around US$6.80. To Quevedo, 6 hours. To La Tola, 3 1/2 hours. Ticket value around US$1.80. To San Lorenzo, 6 hours, daily, ticket value around US$5.50. To Muisne, 3 1/2 hours, every hour. Ticket value around US$1.70. To Santo Domingo, 4 hours. Ticket value around US$2.50. To Ambato, 8 hours, ticket value around US$6.50. To Sua, Same and Atacames, every few minutes. To Quito, 5-6 hours. Ticket value around US$4.80.


TAME.- Daily flights except Saturdays to Quito (US$25 one way). Address: Situated on the road to La Tola.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General interest

Useful addresses

Ministerio de Turismo.- Located on Bolivar 221 between Mejía and Salinas.

Immigration.- At the entrance to town. Tel. 724624.


Banco del Austro.- Visa & Traveler checks. Address: Bolívar and Cañizares.


Post Office.- Address: Av. Colón and 10 de Agosto.

Andinatel.- Address: Malecón Maldonado and Juan Montalvo.

Internet (Internet rates are around US$2.50 per hour) Address: Olmedo and 10 de Agosto. Also at 9 de Octubre and Colón.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Las Palmas

North of Esmeraldas is las Palmas with several hotels and restaurants.

Where to stay in Las Palmas

Costa Verde Suites.- Comfortable suites 1 block from the shore. Address: Luis Tello 809 e Hilda Padilla. Reservations: Tel. (06) 728-714.

Along Av. Kennedy in las Palmas

Hotel Del Mar.- Modern, located on the sea front. Reservations: Tel. (06) 723-707 / 723-708.

Ambato.- Address: Kennedy and Guerra. Reservations: Tel. 721144.

Cayapas.- Reservations: Tel. 711022.

Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Fun | Shopping | Transport | General interest | Write a review about Esmeraldas
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