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Mindo, Ecuador
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 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Mindo
Mindo is located some 2 1/2 hours west from Quito and is a fairly small village and popular area for many bird watchers with an altitude of 1390m climbing up to 4770m. An area of Premontane forest has a reserve area at the foot of Mindo called Bosque protector Mindo-Nambillo which is home to some 350 bird species as well as being engulfed in incredible flora and fauna.
Mindo birds
Examples of rare exotic species of bird life include the Toucan-Barbet, Cock-of-the-rock and the Golden-headed Quetzal.
4 1/2 km from the town a further reserve of around 18 hectares is controlled by Amigos de la Naturaleza de Mindo called the Centro de Educacion Ambiental (CEA) which allows collected groups of up to 30. Here, you can arrange your own food for cooking but all bookings and reservations must be made prior to arrival and is located a block from parque central, Mindo Contact (mainly at weekends) Tel: 2490958, in Quito. In addition you can also visit the butterfly farm reserve located some 3 km from Mindo or take a stroll to the Orchid gardens adjacent to the town's sports stadium facility. There are also some great waterfalls called La Isla where several people try out the descent with inner tubes taken from large tires.

Accommodation in Mindo

Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance any of the below listed lodgings, visit our online Hotel reservation form. A BOE specialized agent will be able to process your inquiry immediately for the best and most affordable accommodation rates!.

EI Monte.- Nice cabins nestled in the forest with beautiful settings. Reservations: Tel & Fax: 2558889.

Hacienda San Vicente.- Family-run. Located some 490 m south of the plaza.

Mindo Gardens.- Excellent birdwatching. Located next to the CEA.

Hostería El Carmelo de Mindo.- With around 35 hectares. Nice cabins and horse riding. Located 690m from the village. Reservations: Tel. 2224713, Tel & Fax: 2546013.

The most popular restaurants are: San Francisco, Omarcito, La Choza and Salón Arco Iris.


Cooperativa Flor del Valle (M. Larrea and Asunción) leaves frequently from Quito (US$2, 3 hours). Also, the best access from Quito to Mindo is via the Calcalí-Esmeraldas road in a turnoff at Km 59 to the left leads you to Mindo.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel West of Mindo
Further the turnoff for Mindo the road descends westward to San Miguel de los Bancos, Pedro Vicente Maldonado and Puerto Quito. The climate is subtropical and these small villages have a few basic hotels and restaurants.

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The Best of (BOE) has lately teamed up with the most recognized, respected Travel Agencies and Tour operators in the country. By filling in our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form visitors may ask for a quote and book in advance as well for professional guided tours to Mindo, excursions and much more.
Mindo Tours
Overview | Accommodation | Book a Tour | Write a review about Mindo
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