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Ecuador Travel Guide Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Shopping | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | South from Vilcabamba | Write a review about Vilcabamba
Vilcabamba is considered one of the most tranquil and relaxing towns to visit in Ecuador and alternative health options including massage, aromatherapy along with a host of other remedial treatments as a result of foreign migrants over the past few decades. The ambient temperature which runs between 17ºC min to 26ºC max., along with its beautiful walks in the Rio Yambala valley, fine restaurants, good accommodation, craft shops and nearby access to the Podocarpus National Park offering incredible bio-diversity makes Vilcabamba the perfect place to visit and to take it easy for a few days.

The main tourist office is around the main square adjacent to Pacifictel office, which has good maps and information while to the south lies the Parque Recreacional Yamburage for nice walks. Just 1.5km east is the zoo displaying local animals. For further details about Vilcabamba, visit:

Valley of the immortals

The valley is famed for its longevity of its locals, it has been reported that many folks lived to be over 100 years of age with the oldest up to 135 years making it an area with some of the oldest inhabitants in the world.

Such longevity has been mainly attributable to the perfect all year round climate, deep family ties, low animal fat diets, little stress and daily physical exercise along with a simple life and hard work ethic. Backing the last statement up, often you can view people in their 80's working away in the local fields. The result of this legend has helped in increased levels of tourism as well as appealing to migrants for a more low key existence along with their imported alternative health techniques as previously mentioned on living the natural life, this has led to the name of the town being named "the valley of longevity".
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Restaurants
The top places to visit in Vilcabamba for "excellent", organic food are listed below as follows:
El Punto.- Located by the park, in the main square. The happening bar!. Good music and food + "cozy" ambience.

Cafe Sambuca Restaurant.- Mexican and other International and local specialties. They run their own organic farm therefore, the quality of their food is guaranteed!! They also have the best CAPUCHINO in town. Address: Opposite the park (you won't miss it!).

La Roca.- Ecuadorian & International. Address: By the bus station.

Izhcayluma- International and Organic. Located in Hosteria Izhcayluma.

 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Shopping
There are several shops in Vicalbamba. The best is:

Artesanías Primavera.- Crafts. Located at the main park.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Tour operators
Important Notice: If you wish to book in advance through any of the below listed tour operators in Vilcabamba. Direct reservations are available through our online Travel Agencies and Tour operators network reservation form, a BOE specialized agent will direct your inquiry and search for the best and most affordable tours and rates!.

Centro Ecuestre.- Horse riding and organized trips to Parque Recreacional Los Huilcos, Parque Recreacional Yamburare and Podocarpus. Address: D. Vaca de Vega and Bolivar (opposite La Terraza restaurant). Tel & Fax: 673183.

Refugio Solomaco.- Trips to Parque Nacional Podocarpus with lodging. Address: Sucre and D. Vaca de Vega and Bolívar. Tel & Fax: 673183.

Las Palmas Nature Reserve.- A campsite. Located at the edge of the Podocarpus National Park. Reservations: Cabañas Río Yambala.

Caballos Gavilán.- Horse treks to the cloud forest including food and all basic lodging. Reservations: 573186. Gavins tours and Refugio are THE BEST....He has been here 23 years..A trip with this kiwi is something you'll NEVER FORGET!!
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel Transport
There is a frequent bus, taxi and van service to and from Loja, see Loja Transport.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel General information

Internet.- The average rates are between US$1.50 and US$2. There are some Internet cafés by the main park.

Pacifictel.- Located on Bolivar street close to the park.
 Ecuador and Galapagos Travel South from Vilcabamba
From Vilcabamba the road leads south to Yangana, Valladolid, Palanda and Zumba. With frequent buses running this route.

Accommodation and restaurants in Zumba

All the places mentioned below are very close to each other (a block or two).

Oasis.- Modern (next to Banco de Fomento).

Rosita.- Basic.

Chinchipe.- Basic.

La Choza.- Basic.

Residencial Miraflores.-
Accommodation and restaurant.

Rincón Zumbeño.- Restaurant, set meals.

Crossing to Peru

The road leads south from Zumba around 1 1/2 hours and onto the border crossing into La Balsa. There are daily chivas (open-sided trucks) which leave when full (two in the morning, one at midday and a final one in the afternoon), US$ 1; pickups are also for hire, US$3 per person.

The immigration office is located at La Balsa. You have to take an oil-drum raft over the river to the Peruvian frontier post (US$0.20), here there is a minibus service to Namballe (10 minutes) with a single hotel. A minibus departs from Namballe when it has been filled to capacity for San Ignacio (3 1/2 hours south).

There are in addition pickups and minibuses going directly from the border to San Ignacio (3 1/2 hours, US$3-4). From San Ignacio transport is available to Jaén (3 1/2 hours south, US$4), crossing here is very relaxed unlike the Colombian border and if the border patrol is asleep you may have to knock on the door.
Ecuador Travel Guide Overview | Accommodation | Restaurants | Shopping | Tour operators | Transport | General interest | South from Vilcabamba | Write a review about Vilcabamba
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